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2019 Conference Handouts

Please click on the links below to download handouts for the 2019 OAOS Annual Orthopaedic Conference. This list is in agenda order. 2019 OAOS Agenda | 2019 OAOS Program FINAL

Faculty Lecture Title
Jason Dragoo, MD 1-1 Biologics for Sports Injuries_Dragoo bw
Robert Orfaly, MD 1-2 Bone Graft & Bone Graft Substitutes_Orfaly
Jason Dragoo, MD 1-3 Update on Hyaluronic Acid & Corticosteroids_Dragoo
David McAllister, MD 1-4 Articular Cartilage Injuries_McAllister
David McAllister, MD 2-1 Current Concepts of ACL_McAllister
Jason Dragoo, MD 2-2 Optimizing Arthroscopic Treatment of OA_Dragoo
David McAllister, MD 2-3 Revision ACL Reconstruction_McAllister
Jason Dragoo, MD 2-4 Use of Cell Therapy for Cartilage Regeneration_Dragoo
Kristy Weber, MD 3-1 AAOS Update_Weber
Rahul Desai, MD 4-1 Barbotage for Calcific Tendinopathy_Desai
Ken Yamaguchi, MD 4-2 Total Shoulder Replacement_Yamaguchi
Kristy Weber, MD 4-3 Lumps and Bumps_Weber
James Verheyden, MD 4-4 Xiaflex & Dupuytren’s Contractors_Verheyden
Kristy Weber, MD 5-1 Women in Orthopaedics & Implicit Bias_Weber
Ken Yamaguchi, MD 5-2 Future of Health Care_Yamaguchi
James Verheyden, MD 5-3 Local Anesthesia for Hand Procedures_Verheyden
James Verheyden, MD 5-4 Distal Radius Fractures: Tips & Tricks
Todd Borus, MD 6-1 Robotics in Total Joint Arthroplasty_Borus
Darin Friess, MD 6-2 What’s New in Geriatic Hip Fractures?
Zach Working, MD 6-3 New Techniques in Fracture Care
Pat Denard, MD 6-4 Evaluation and Mgmt of B2 Glenoid_Denard
Lucas Korcek, MD 6-5 Update on Hip Arthroscopy_Korcek
Blake Nonweiler, MD 7-1 Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty_Nonweiler
Scott Grewe, MD 7-2 Patellofemoral Knee Replacement_Grewe
Todd Borus, MD 7-3 Robotics in Total Hip Arthroplasty_Borus
Kecia Norling, MD 7-4 Economics of Outpatient TJR_Norling
Ken Yamaguchi, MD 8-1 Rotator Cuff Repair_Yamaguchi
Pat Denard, MD 8-2 Superior Capsule Reconstructions_Denard
Ken Yamaguchi, MD 8-3 Reverse Shoulder Replacement_Yamaguchi
Pat Denard, MD 8-4 Avoiding Complications in Shoulder Arthroplasty_Denard

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